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Tig & Monica take 2nd Place!!!

Photos courtesy of Ian Watts (

This was the biggest day of my life - competing in an agility final in the main ring at Crufts is a once in a life time achievement. I can honestly say I have never been so nervous. Well done to my little baby dog - I'm so proud of you.

Thank you to everyone for your messages of good luck and congratulations - and a massive thank you to everyone who came and supported us, I was quite shocked to realise we had so many friends there cheering us on!


Linzi & Lucy

Well Done to Linzi for controlling her nerves and getting up in front of a packed YKC arena to do a Heel Work to Music display.
We are very proud of you!

Practicing their Moves!

Breed Showing
Big Well done to Elinore and Sapphi for their best ever showing result - Sapphi came 2nd in Post Graduate Bitch (out of an entry of 4), and she also came 2nd in the KC Good Citizen Scheme class (out of an entry of 5).

Congratulations to Ros and Dixie, who came 4th in the Groenendal Open Bitch class (out of an entry of 10).

Well done the Gerri and Arnie, it was their first time at Crufts. Sadly Arnie didn't get placed in the Newfoundland Special Puppy Dog class, (class of 10 dogs) but he had a lovely day meeting lots of people.

We didn't show Monica, she stayed at home, we are still recovering from Thursday!


Who's doing What at Crufts 2008:

Agility at Crufts
Tig & Monica have made it through three rounds of agility competitions, betting off competition from hundreds of other agility dogs to reach the KC Starters Cup Agility Final. We are very proud of Monica for this amazing achievement, approximately 22,000 dogs are shown at Crufts, by comparison there are limited places for agility, approximately 150 places.
We are competing on Thursday 6th March, at 9:50am in the Main Arena.

Here's how we got to Crufts -
Round 1 - 1st G1 Agility (beating 194 dogs)
Round 2 - Invitation event for dog achieving a top 10 place in Agility shows over the last year - KC International Agility Festival
Agility Semi Final - 1st (beating 153 dogs)

Round 3 - KC International Agility Festival Day 2
Agility Final - 1st (beating 30 dogs)
The top eight dogs from the final meet again in the special final at Crufts

Heelwork to Music display at Crufts

Linzi and Lucy have been selected by the YKC to perform a Heelwork to Music routine on Thursday at 3pm in the YKC ring.

The YKC ring is located in Hall 3. Linzi and Lucy are performing to the tune - Be Young, Be Foolish, But be Happy.

(Linzi & Lucy pictured being interviewed by Peter Purvis at the APDT 2007 Tails of Achievement awards, in which they were one of the final fifteen.)


Crufts - Saturday 8th March (showing Working & Pastoral day)

Breed Showing at Crufts

Elinore & Sapphi (Terv) - Qualified with 3rd Post Grad Bitch, Cruft 2007 (entry of 4)

Gerri & Arnie (Newfie) - Qualified with 2nd Place in Puppy Dog, Newfoundland Club Championship Show (entry of 3)

Ros with Dixie (Groen)

Tig's Monica (Terv) - Qualified with 1st in Post Grad Bitch, Windsor Championship Show (entry of 7)

These club members have qualified dogs to show in breed on Saturday (Working & Pastoral day) - although we won't show Monica as she is losing all her coat.

To qualify to show in breed at Crufts a dog need to win a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in a appropriate class at a Championship Show awarding CC's

We sometimes have a few extra 'helper' passes and a space or two in the car, so if you would like to come along please let me know.

What's On at Crufts?

For those of you who are not familiar with Crufts it is the biggest dog show in the world. It is held over four days at the NEC in Birmingham, with a different canine group shown each day.A dog must qualify by winning 1st, 2nd or 3rd at a Championship shows to able compete at Crufts. You can get more details on the Kennel Club website.
As well as dogs being shown there are also hundred of doggie trade stands (lots of shopping!), Discover Dogs stands (with dogs from every KC registered breed) and several events rings showing things like heelwork to music demonstrations, service dogs in action, as dedicated Obedience arena where you can watch to cream of obedience dogs competing. In the Main Ring you can watch to the top Flyball teams and top Agility Dogs in the country compete in various competitions. They have all had to win through rounds of qualifying competitions so you are sure of seeing excellent dogs in these finals.


Hugo at Crufts 2000. Each breed is shown in their own separate ring like the one shown above.


Hugo & friend Kimberly on the Discover Dogs Stand (Cruft 2002)

What happens at the dog show? A simplified guide:
Dogs and bitches of each breed are shown separately. Classes are based on either the age of the dog, or the amount of wins it has had. In each class the judge awards places from 1st to VHC (5th)

First to be judge are the male dogs.
All the individual classes based on age or wins are judged, each class having places for 1st to fifth place.
Then all the males that have one first place return to the ring.
All the un beaten first place dogs challenge for the position of best male dog.
This dog is awarded with the 'Dog Challenge Certificate' ***(DCC).
The judge also picks out the best male puppy, and selects a reserve best male dog (RDCC).

Everything is then repeated with the bitches,
All the individual bitch classes are judged,
The unbeaten first placed bitches return to the ring to challenge for position of best bitch,
best bitch (awarded the Bitch Challenge Certificate)***, reserve best bitch (RBCC) and best bitch puppy are chosen.

Finally the Best Dog goes head to head with the Best Bitch to find out who is 'Best of Breed' .
Best puppy in breed is chosen from the Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy Bitch.

*** To become a champion a dog/bitch has to win three challenge certificates (CC). Only some championship shows offer CC.