WEAVING - stage 2

Practice Method

Now your dog is weaving confidently through the push in poles on either side, probably pushing them apart if he's large and enthusiastic! Now is the time to make the transition to the fixed metal based poles.

1) Now take his lead off. Just as in class put his head level with the first pole, let go and as he runs through throw his toy ahead of him. Practice this a few times every day on both sides.

2) Once he is charging through move back a little bit, so he has to move into the poles. Again practice this a few times every day on both sides. Gradually move further and further back.

3) He should now be running though happily from several feet away. Now we want to start adding in an angle. Move only very slightly to each side at first. Practice this a few times every day on both sides until your dog will confidently run through from a 45degree angle into the poles.

Now your dog is ready for the poles to be brought in by an inch on one side, also reduce the angle of tilt slightly. Go back to number 1 and work him through all the stages on the narrower poles.

Remember do not rush - if he goes wrong do not get cross - you have taken it too fast for him, go back a stage, even if that means putting the poles wider again. We are aiming for a confident dog who enjoys weaving, so keep it short and fun.



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