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Thank you for your lovely messages of condolence following my beloved Tabitha's death, and for the get-well messages for my partner, he is now out of ICU and is recovering at home. I don't have words to express my gratitude to everyone who has helps and shown such kindness these last few horrendous weeks, and the amazing firstaiders at the pet crematorium who rescussitated him and kept performing CPR until the paramedics arrived.


Dog training with highly acclaimed Agility trainer Tig Stephenson
Awarded the KCAI Significant Contribution Award by The Kennel Club, for individual effort and contribution to dog training, at Crufts 2020
For lesson enquiries please contact me by email.

Lessons Available :


1-2-1 / Private Agility lessons

Private Agility Lessons are available for you and your dog, with qualified and experienced agility instructor Tig Stephenson. Please email to book.

Agility Foundation & Focus Classes

Join Tig to give your dog a great start to Agility. The Agility Foundation & Focus class is a technical class, using reward based methods, the foundation for advanced Agility training. All exercices are low impact, and therefore suitable for young dogs.
Lessons include
handler focus games, proprioception exercises such as walking over cavaletti (pic), introduction to agility equipment contact criteria & tunnels, and circlework and flatwork using cones & jump-wings and jump bumps introducing the dog to foundation handling skills.


Beginners Agility Classes (Dogs over 1 year old)
Intakes are taken from the Agility Foundation & Focus Class.
Alternatively you might like to take 1-2-1 lessons until you reach a level where you can join in with an existing class

Advanced Agility Classes
Team GB FMBB 2012 Agility World Champions Tony & Poppy - trained and coached by Tig Stephenson
Tig occasionally has spaces become available in her advanced agility group classes. These classes are technical, working on refining performance and handling skills for dogs and handlers with agility skill levels up to and including Grade 7, incorporating FCI style challenges for her students who compete Internationally.
Classes are small in size to ensure you and your dog get the most out of your lessons, and are a friendly mix of competing (pics) and non-competing handlers.


AgiliFit Classes
AgiliFit is ideal for students new to agility who want the fun and fitness benefits of dog agility, but are not keen on lots of technical training. AgilliFit combines low impact agility and sports conditioning exercises, making it great for retired agility dogs.


Do As I Do

How cool would it be if your dog could learn new things, just by copying your demostration? Well now they can! Do As I Do is is an innovative approach to dog training using social learning. Join Tig - one of only five people to have passed the DAID First Level Exam in the UK - for these fun classes exploring this new training concept and unlocking a totally new way to train your dog.


Puppy Lifeskills

If you would like to teach your dog to be a calm, well mannered pup who is focused on you, join Tig to learn how to teach your dog skills such as:
- recall games (coming when called)

- socialisation skills (how to be polite around other dogs and people)
- food manners
- coming away from distractions
- walking on a loose lead
- sit stay
- interactive play (with handler and toys)
- impulse control and focus games
- games to build confidence


Paws for Coffee
(Socialisation & Life Skills)

If you would like to teach your dog to be a calm, well mannered pup who is focused on you, join us for a cup of coffee (or tea) whilst we teach you how to train your dog skills such as:
- settling calmly around other dogs
- recall games
- walking on a loose lead
- sit stay
- interactive play (with handler and toys)
- impulse control and focus games


Basic Obedience Classes
Pet level obedience training outside on grass in a secure paddock, classes include KCGSDS style syllabus, plus focus on handler exercises and walking on a loose lead.


Sports Conditioning
Sports Conditioning Training focuses on plyometric exercises to developing balance and strength in young dogs, retaining fitness levels for older dogs, and for enhancing performance and strength of competing agility dogs. This class is only suitable for dogs that are able to perform a sequence of jumps.


Instructors Workshops Training for Agility Instructors and Dog Trainers.
Workshop 1 explores basic theories of learning, and show how to teach core methods to train the dog to have independent obstacle performance.
Workshop 2 covers methods for teaching fundamental handling skills, sequencing, critiquing and problem solving.

Lesson enquiries - please contact me by email:
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