Training Tips

This page enables you to review various topics that we have discussed, refresh yourself of practical methods we have run through for practicing at home and a recap of the theory behind some of the games that we have played at club.
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Keeping your dog cool
Ideas to help your dog with the summer heat and how to make' Pupsickles'.

Rovers Revenge
A great game to help understand agility from a dogs point of view

Shut Up!
Another game we play, this time to develop an understanding of how your dog responds to physical and verbal cues.

Physical v Verbal
Direction commands - appreciating your dog's understanding and preference.

Weave Poles
There are many ways to teach them, here is one easy practice method.
Pictures and video clip.

Weave Poles - Stage 2
Further training tips to help you get your dog weaving with confidence.

Beginners Homework
Things for you to practice at home with your dog.